Child Care & Development Center Clayton NC

You will be given a packet for enrollment containing :

  • An Application
  • Discipline
  • Sick Policy
  • Medical
  • Abuse and Neglect Policy
  • USDA Food Program Form

Infants and toddlers up to 15 months old will have a feeding schedule that must be completed by the parent and forms pertaining to "Sids"

All enrollment papers must be fully completed before your child may begin his or her attendance at Little Learners. All information will be strictly confidential.

We ask that you visit the center with your child at least a couple of times before your child begins with us on a fulltime basis.

This will let your child know that you approve of the people that he (she) is with. It is normal for a child to be apprehensive at first and therefore he (she) will need time to adjust. It varies from child to child. We suggest that you bring your child into the center, reassure him (her) you will return later and lovingly say your goodbyes. Our staff will assist in a caring manner to assure your child that you will return after work and that he (she) will be o.k. We ask that you be positive with your child concerning his (her) stay at Little Learners and please feel free to call back when you arrive at work to ask how your child is doing.

Our Fees

View / Download a copy of our 2016 Fee Schedule

Please call our office if you have questions concerning our fee schedule.